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Maria Compagno recently realized a life dream by having the recipes of her renowned cooking published in a cookbook named, "Maria Bertucci Compagno's Sicilian-Style Cooking From Ustica to New Orleans".

Maria managed the Compagno Family restaurant on St Charles Av for 30 years and is iconic for her great food and vivacious charm. Maria, a native of Ustica, was able to harmoniously combine native Sicilian cuisine with local tastes, as perfectly expressed in the sign that hung at Compagno's - Italian, Seafood, Creole. (Click HERE for an index for the recipe listing.) For some Usticesi-Americans, like myself, that never grew up under the influence of an Italian mother or grandmother, the book fills a huge void by providing a credible link, through cooking, to a great part of our Sicilian heritage. My copy already has grease stains on the cover and I can't imagine a more glowing endorsement than that.

Maria self-published 1,000 copies and only plans to sell them through word of mouth. I am proud to be able to offer them to our greater Usticese-American community. The cost of the book is $21.95. Shipping is $3.21 per book. Louisiana residents add $2.05 tax per book. Checks or money orders can be made out to "Maria Compagno". Please mail your order and payment to: Maria Compagno, 3091 Walden Place, Mandeville, LA 70448-7530.   Maria has plenty of books in stock (as of August 2013)

Buon appetito!

Chris Caravella

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The Feast of St. Joseph and Cuccidati

The Feast of St. Joseph and Cuccidati

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