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Restating our pledge of allegiance to the United States of America, which we serve at all times with undivided devotion, the individual members through their respective officers of the American Society   of   Italian   Heritage   unite   and   pledge accordingly:


That they believe in God; and that they are all proud and conscious of  being a representative element of an old civilization which  has contributed so greatly to the enlightenment of the human spirit, and which through our activities, institutions, and customs may enrich, broaden, and preserve the pattern of the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, realizing that through ethnic enlightenment and pride we can develop group unity and action that will best move our aims and more meaningfully and effectively achieve contributions to the well being of our United States of America and realizing that through an intelligent and constant exercise of civil duties and rights, and obedience to the Constitution of the United States, we uphold and strengthen this republic, in order to make known our objectives and insure their attainment through the harmonious functioning of all of the parts of our Society.

                                   OUR PURPOSE

  •  The preservation of moral, patriotic and religious          values.

  •  The advancement of art, music, and culture.

  •  The encouragement  of active participation                    among our members in the social and civic activities of our communities.

  •  The elimination of prejudice and discrimination.

  •  The defense of human and civil rights.

  •  The promotion of harmony among member                organizations.

  •  The encouragement of affiliation with and                      support of charitable causes.

  •  The advancement of education.

  •  The transmittal of ltalian heritage to                               succeding generations.

  •  The  encouragement of friendly and social                     relations among Society members

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