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For Gioachino Rossini, it was simply “the dance” tout court. The tarantella had been danced for centuries in southern Italy, and was often associated with a ritual to heal those infected by a syndrome caused by the bite of a tarantula spider (hence the name). Over the centuries the tarantella has become a symbol of Italian music to the point of being cited in classical music compositions, but above all providing a rhythmic structure to countless songs of the Neapolitan repertoire, in the Italian language and Italian American pidgin.

Tarantella romana

Tarantella maestro

Tarantella color caffe'

Tarantella napoletana

Funiculi funicula'

Tarantella d' 'o core

Tarantella internazionale

Comme facette mammeta

Tarantella Luciana

L'ultima tarantella

Luna mezzomare

La canzone di Cicerenella

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The title of the collection is borrowed from the incipit of Torna a Surriento, one of the most famous Neapolitan melodies dating back to the early twentieth century. From the exaltation of the landscape to the metaphors of love, from tributes to fishermen and sailors to beach scenes, the playlist includes songs dedicated to the sea and entrusted to famous voices of Neapolitan and Italian songs, opera (Pavarotti) and the American songbook (Sinatra).

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